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Chapter 8 Strip 5
May 7th, 2013

Chapter 8 Strip 5


  1. Rymdhamster

    I love litte death.

  2. Angella

    Hello, Nina! Recently, I have a question: Are you forbade translate the second part of the comics on the Russian language, as we say in the CIS?
    Thank you for your attention.

  3. Nina

    The rights to the online version (and translations as well) no longer belong to me but to my publisher. Anyone who wants to translate them, has to get in contact with the publishing company. It’s no longer private stuff.

  4. Icalasari

    Glad to see you’re back at it!

  5. TheOddStrange

    Just finished my archive binge. I’m glad that this comic is still running (I was sort of under the impression it was either finished or dead, for some reason), but now that means I have to wait for the weekly update. And that’s just terrible \:c
    Oh well, it’s enjoyable anyways. I’m looking forward to seeing moar!
    Shout out to TVTropes for bringing me here in the first place :)

  6. TheOddStrange

    Oh… Well, crap. Last update was in May. 2013.
    I feel crushed <:\

  7. Rymdhamster

    Yeah, it’s been down a couple of times for varying reasons. So far, It has gotten upp again after a long snooze. I’m hoping it’s gonna get upp at least one more time.

  8. thefool

    After reading the comic through twice in two days I have just one question for you, dear author: You’re coming back, right? :(

  9. Ingemar Ragnemalm

    I am longing for more! Do you need a “ghost cartoonist” to help you out? (How appropriate that sounds!)

  10. Jason

    so, what happened to Nina Ruzicka? did she die?

  11. Chug

    All of this still leaves me with a perplexity:
    I assume Death had never given his robe to anyone before, or he would have known what the result would be. But if he’d never tried it before, what made him think it would help?

  12. Nina

    @ Chug: He didn’t give her his robes, since he’s not wearing any. There is no such thing as “underneath the robes”, he actually IS his whole appearance.

    @ all others: Sorry. Still too busy getting a life (sort of), and not yet willing to get my sore spine back.

  13. Rymdhamster

    @ Nina: Thanks for dropping us a note! I hope you’ll get back to the comic some day, but untill then good luck and joy be with you.

  14. Rabbit

    I came back after two years- I can’t remember what it was that sparked my memory of this webcomic BUT I’m glad I remembered it. I spent the last day re-reading part 1 and what’s done of part 2 and its still just as lovely as I remember it being. There was even a little bit more to read than the last time I looked, and it was like an early Christmas present.
    I saw that you’ve obtained a new job and were moving in your last big update, and now I see here in the comments your life is still a little chaotic, but I’m glad to see a sort of recent update from you all the same.
    In anycase, I only wanted to say that this webcomic has a special place in my heart and part 1 has laid me out in an emotional wreck all over again.

  15. thatspychick

    I just came back to this comic after having read it all the way through and left it, just finished reading parts 1 and 2 in one sitting all over again. It’s just as funny as the first time, and I’m hoping there will be more added to this soon.

  16. senselessmuse

    Something triggered my memory and I remembered this comic existed so I reread the whole thing and I just wanna say this was even funnier than the first time. Thank you. I hope there will be next chapters soon.

  17. hedgehog1010

    Really great comic

  18. Lexi

    I just binge-read this entire comic and loved it. I really hope it comes back soon.

  19. TwistedCupid

    Is this on HIATUS forever? You have been absent for almost 3 years now. You are going to update soon, right?

  20. FatBackSlim

    “… And with strange aeons even death may die. ” Sorry to hear about your back, Nina, and I hope you feel better. Still, I’m sorry to see this one go. I only just discovered it. :(

  21. Riene

    I hope you have not abandoned this comic. I only found it today and would love to know the ending. Hope you are feeling better!

  22. Elisa

    I miss your comic so much! I check back every few months to see if you’ve returned, and will keep doing so. Do you know about Patreon?? It’s something that’s come about since you last posted, and it’s a great way to monetize things like webcomics (I personally use it to fund my webshow). Maybe if you had a patreon account, the income would make coming back to the comic finally possible for you? I would definitely support your patreon if you made one!

  23. Sarokophoenix

    I spent the whole day binging this whole comic (part 1 and 2) and fell in love. I’m sad it seems stuck on a hiatus since it was getting really interesting, but continuing is up to you. I do hope you continue though.

  24. FlameDestara

    I found this comic yesterday when i was looking for some good stories/comics with Death as a charecter. I really love this and i hope you would be able to update about how your doing or maybe the comic. I hope you are doing well!!

  25. Ultima

    R.I.P. comic. You were amusing. I will continue to check, in the hopes a feat of literary necromancy resurrects it from the grave of dead webcomics.
    For those who like comics with Death as a character, check out On The Bright Side. It is good, though rather serious and non-comedy oriented.

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