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Another interruption due to house-hunting

Too bad for you, but I’m really happy that I finally found a new job and therefore am rather busy searching for some inhabitable space in Heidelberg, where I will start working in June. :-)

I can’t tell yet when I’ll be calm and settled enough to concentrate on drawing again, but as soon as that moment arises, I will continue.


  1. lisa

    congratulations on finding a job. :) and take your time, your comic is well the wait.

  2. Exa

    Congratulations and good luck!

  3. owh

    Good for you! Actually, good for us too… ;-)

    We will be waiting patiently for further news from you and the continuation of this captivating story…

  4. Fju

    Glad, you’re better =) Don’t work too hard, your health is much more important, than anything! ,)

  5. HilBethJay

    Holy cow, I used to live in Heidelberg!

  6. Nina

    Beautiful little town, isn’t it?
    I suppose you’ve studied there. There are almost as many students as there are bicycles around.

  7. HilBethJay

    Actually I lived off base when I was little, from 1996 to 1998. They’re getting rid of the military base, though…

  8. HilBethJay

    Though technically I studied there! Preschool and kindergarten…

  9. John

    I’m glad the comic is back. I was just poking around through old links and saw that there were new strips. I’m also glad that you have found a job. that is always a stress when you don’t have one. I will check back regularly to keep following the story.

  10. owh

    Hey there Nina… It’s coming close to a year since you went on sabbatical to go house-hunting (and subsequently moving, presume). Can we hope to see more of your wonderful strip sometime this year?

    Your faithful admirer…

  11. Doc

    Hello from Kingston NY. You have created a wonderful strip, one of my favorites. I pray you’ll find it in your busy schedule to continue it. Count me as a fan.

  12. Par

    Still checkimg here occasionaly and hoping one day DatM will return…

  13. Ingemar

    It seems like if the comic faced Death and spoke his name in 2013. Too bad, I really liked it and wanted to read more.

    Maybe there is some fan who could step in as “ghost cartoonist”. (Pun intended but still not totally off.)

  14. Molly

    It’s been a couple years. Maybe a couple more.

  15. tsvetta

    Still waiting for continuation. Great comics

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