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Chapter 8 Strip 1
April 9th, 2013

Chapter 8 Strip 1

This crazy-looking lady is only known to owners of the German print version, so I simply have to tell you that it’s Nemesis. Humans tend to put her in close context to Greek mythology and think of her as the Goddess of devine retribution. As a matter of fact, she’s just another one of Destiny’s case workers, but one with a HUGE grudge against Death. And she doesn’t forgive easily…


  1. Julia M.

    Whoa, new page! This just made my day. Hope you’re doing alright. :)

  2. owh

    Welcome back Nina!

    As others have stated before me, this was well worth the wait. I look forward to more wonderful art and story from you, and I (as well as many others, I’m sure) also would not mind getting some news of your health and your employment situation. Did you move to Germany after all?

  3. Meryl Haggard

    Oh wow! I was just thinking of your strip and wondering how you were doing, did not expect to be surprised with more episodes! May your Spring be a blessed one :)

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