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Chapter 7 Strip 56
March 27th, 2013

Chapter 7 Strip 56


  1. Exa

    Yess! It’s been so long. Welcome back and thanks for the new strip :)

  2. Nina

    Thank you so much! :-)
    I’m still not on a regular drawing schedule, because right now, I’m looking for a job. But at least there are still 3 strips in stock.

  3. GODsaveTHEcat

    I’m so happy that the comics is back :-) Good luck with searching !

  4. Antifinity

    It returns!

  5. Clair

    Hallo Nina,

    willkommen zurück ;) Man hab ich mich gefreut, als da plötzlich dein Strip aufpoppte! :) Viel Erfolg bei der Arbeitssuche. Ich drück feste die Daumen.

    die Clair

  6. Draco

    Haha, did I seriously time my archive binge just when the strip updated for the first time in years? Awesome! This remains one of my favourite webcomics of all time, and I’m super glad to see that it’s not abandoned. No matter how slow updates are – life can do that to us – it’s great to know that the story will eventually continue.

  7. Jackie M.

    So glad to see it’s back!

  8. Floweramon

    Oh… oh wow. I just decided to check on a whim and…. it’s back!

    I archived binged this roughly a year ago, and was dismayed to hear about both your back problems/need for surgery, and the subsequent need for a break. I’ve been checking in every so often, and I’m so happy to hear that both the comic is back and you are doing better (sorry about the family deaths though)

    You officially have a dedicated follower, and I look forward to seeing the continuing story.

  9. Frank

    WTF… it’s been such a long time that I didn’t remember that this one is still on my feed list. And suddenly – new activity :)

    Thank you and welcome back :)

  10. Icalasari

    I KNEW it was a good idea to keep this in my bookmarks!

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