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Waaay too silent for too long…

I have to apologize for my continuous absence. It’s just that this year was not really an easy one for me. I had two surgeries (my spinal disc and my gall bladder), I had several deaths in my family and I had huge issues with myself and the way my life went (mostly downhill). The good news is: It’s getting upwards again. I’ve quit my job and will probably move to Germany within the next few months (depending on whether and where I find a new job). The bad news is, due to all those calamities, I’ve completely lost any access to my art.
The current state is: there’s no continuation of the story at the time being. A few months ago, I even announced the end of it all. Right now, I’m starting to build up a new life and there might be a chance that I actually will finish it. Someday. When everything feels good again. I can’t tell you yet when that moment might come, but I’m working on it to be very soon!
In the meanwhile: Thank you all for your patience and your kind words. I’ll keep you posted of any new developments.


  1. Trog

    Sorry to hear about your rough year. I hope things look up for you soon, comic or no comic. Have you considered doing a kickstarter thingy to maybe help get things back on track? Money doesn’t seem to be the main issue here from what you said but it sure couldn’t hurt your chances of being in a place to be able to continue it, especially when going through a period of transition, employment-wise. Again, I hope things take a turn for the better for you soon. Take care.

  2. Coyoty

    Don’t worry, your work is well worth waiting for. Your well-being is more important.

  3. elf

    I agree with Coyoty: take care of yourself, everything else can wait.

  4. Mats

    Yay, there is hope! I’m really hoping you’ll feel like picking up this thread, but not untill your good and ready. Making a comic should be a joy, otherwise there’s no point!

  5. lisa

    aww im sorry to hear about what happen to you lately. best wishes in the future! and take it easy on yourself. things always get better no matter what. :3

  6. Elisa

    Wishing the best for you, Nina! Much love from a huge fan! <3

  7. Anonymous

    Hi! I`m a new reader & been reading your comic recently & just finish the english pages overnight. So sorry for everything that you`re going thru & I hope all will be well in the future. I `ll always wait for your updates, my you be enlighten again after the darkness. Anyway, I check out your Deutschen/Austrian version & I tried to understand (w/ the help of google translate) some of the latest pages that weren`t found yet in the english version.
    oh & by the way, in your comic strip; Abschnitt 05 (Strip 02) I notice in the place of Neil Gaiman`s character: who is this male blond guy wearing a black dress?

    many thanks & take care!

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