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Fate strikes again

Sorry for the renewed lack of updates. I had to step back from drawing for a while, since not only my back aches, but my cat is sick again. I just need a break from deadlines for a few weeks, since Fate seems to have it in for me right now.
The comic is not cancelled, just put on hold until further notice. Sorry for that. Blame the guy above for it.


  1. Erin

    Get well. :) And I hope your cat gets well too!

  2. owh

    Get well Nina (and your cat too!). And check your Email inbox, as I finally got around to sending you a copy of this:

    It’s not yet the perfect version I wanted to send you, stripped of the commercial breaks, but I hope you enjoy it anyway…

  3. Kristin

    Gute Besserung euch Zweien!

    Gegen den Rücken hilft bei mir Sport (ich wollts auch nie glauben, merke es aber inzwischen extrem) und ein ordentlicher BH – ansonsten Massagen rauf und runter! ;)

  4. Nina

    @ Kristin: LOL zum BH-Kommentar. Also, in meiner Kleine werden BHs gerade noch erzeugt, aber ich muss mitunter schon lange suchen, um einen zu finden, den ich mit Müh und Not ausfülle. Unter diesem Gewicht leidet mein Rücken also ganz sicher nicht. :-D

  5. Mandi

    Hey Nina, are you OK? Sorry if the concern sounds weird coming from a stranger, but you said you weren’t well :-)

  6. owh

    I’ll second that. Nina, I hope your health is improving (and you cat’s health too!).

  7. Nina

    Thank you for your concern. My cat is doing better, thank God, but I’m not. My back is still aching, but the worst thing is my constant battle with nausea. Gall stones. I have to let the gall bladder remove, but that won’t happen until next year, I suppose.

  8. Holly

    Ugh, gall stones. Haven’t had to deal with them but I know plenty who have. The way they describe it is excruciating. Hopefully you’ll get relief soon.

  9. owh

    Happy new year Nina, and may it bring you (and your cat :-) better health as well as success in your endeavors.

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