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Chapter 7 Strip 53
July 6th, 2011

Chapter 7 Strip 53


  1. abby

    huh, i looked at the german site and i was wondering, why are there less pages on theirs? And great work as always. I think Death is gonna be uber pissed at Loki, this will be fun to watch.

  2. tigerlily999_6

    Well technically he’s still older than HER….please?

  3. Holly

    Technically, yes. He’s older than old. He just also has a timeline separate from Earth’s and Mercedes’, which is what lets him jump from place to place.

  4. Hilary

    i always imagined her to be in her twenties, but death is technically younger than her… if they shared a timeline.

  5. Julia

    Hmm…technically, on his own timeline, Death is 17-18 years old. But on the timeline of TIME itself, he is…really, really, really old, right?

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