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Chapter 7 Strip 52
June 30th, 2011

Chapter 7 Strip 52

Well, it’s no use waiting any longer, I won’t get the translation right. I have to ask all you English native speakers for your assistance regarding Mercedes’ rant. I think it’s obvious what she’s calling (former) Death – a lyer and a fraud. Swearing is one of the most difficult things if you’re not a native speaker but relying mostly on dictionaries – it quickly sounds fake and put on.
So, please just tell me what I should change in order to make it sound like a credible outrage.

Thank you so much for all your advice! I replaced “swank” with “poser”, which fitted best into the now free space. I hope it fits? :-)


  1. Daisybell

    “You’re phoney! An impertinent brat full of lies! A show-off! You! Presumptuous bastard!” ?

  2. tigerlily999_6

    ahahahahaaaaa! muahahahaaaa, laughing ahahaa can’t stop lmao

  3. Holly

    Honestly, it would sound fine if you just took ‘swank’ off the end. Swank is oldish style slang for ‘stylish.’ Maybe ‘blowhard’ to replace it?

  4. abby

    yeah Holly is right, other than ‘swank’ it sounds perfect. And… Yay!! – gets up and does the “New Comic Dance”-

  5. Lydia

    I agree with Holly, aside from “swank” it sounds fine. After taking a look at the German version I think you could maybe include “poser” instead or something…? My knowledge of the German language is limited though, so it may not fit as well as it seems to me.

  6. Timefire

    Death vs. Death. And it’s so funny.

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