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Chapter 7 Strip 48
May 17th, 2011

Chapter 7 Strip 48


  1. Lisa

    Hehe, I think I know where this is going… x3

  2. SilentImp

    mmmm … I still don’t. :(

  3. Holly Lushbaugh

    Let’s just say he needs to fall farther to hit rock bottom, and if I know perfect comedic setups, it’s coming in 3…2….1….

  4. Dave

    Having just devoured all of DatM and DatM2 over the course of the past 24 hours, I will now join the throngs eagerly awaiting each Tuesday’s addition. Thank you for the years of effort represented here.

  5. Nina

    @ Dave: Thank you very much.

  6. Nina

    @ Holly: I can’t help but quote Beetlejuice at this point: ‘You know me so well, babes!’ ;-)

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