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Bigger images: DEATH

As I announced last week, there won’t be any new strips for the following 2 weeks. Instead, I give you a few images you already know, albeit in much smaller dimensions. Those pictures were voted for by my German speaking readers, and I must admit that it didn’t occur to me that maybe I should ask the non-German-speaking part of my audience as well.

It’s too late to do so for Death, I’m afraid, but you can still vote for any of the other main characters that will be presented. Next week, it’ll be the Maiden. So, in case there are any Mercedes-pics you’d like to see bigger, just comment on this blog post!

Other characters are:
- Little Death
- Time
- Bonnie
- Pestilence
- The ugly guy from the gas station
- Finagler (you know, the mischievious case worker in Destiny)
- The head of Fate’s high council

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