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Chapter 7 Strip 44
April 5th, 2011

Chapter 7 Strip 44


  1. Daisy

    She’s more shocked by he having 18 than all the new Death situation? Hahah, way to go girl~

  2. Hilary

    maybe everything is beginning to crash on her, especially the realization that this immortal creature, this being that’s been around since the dawn of humanity, is only 18 years old in his time line.

  3. hcs

    I see her mind crumble!
    I think thats gona kill her or is driving her insane. Insane death on a killing spree. Watch out!

  4. Ingemar

    At least she is very confused. Can’t wait to read the continuation. But comics, like Death, live on its own timescale, right? :)

  5. Lily

    ….I see either fainting or a heart attack from shock for when Death shows up. -for those wondering i’m talking bout myself here , I can’t get over this- AHHH! What if he drinks a soda!?! I can’t picture him drinking soda or eating pizza it doesn’t work! ;___; he acts like he’s in his 40′s not his teeennnssss! ow ow ow, heart cracking….brain seeping from head, all things known evaporating before my LYING EYES!?!

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