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Just one week more

I beg you for just a little more patience. I’m so feeling like Julian Assange at the moment – only that it’s not the CIA hunting my butt but Fate itself. Or rather, my special case worker.
Yes, you may call me superstitious, but let me just tell you this: After my cat has gotten sick (he’s slowly recovering, thankfully) and I’ve gotten the flu, I found out that the water pipes in my kitchen are leaking through the walls (resulting in a huge mouldy spot behind the cupboards, that’s why I didn’t notice it earlier), therefore, next week half of my kitchen wall is going to be taken down in order to repair the pipes. Also, I’ve swapped the flu for a slipped disk, which means that sitting and drawing is a literal pain in the ass at the moment. And I can’t help but notice that all this happened as soon as I started picturing the mischievous case worker.

In German, I’ve got a name for him but haven’t been able to find a fitting translation yet. Maybe some of you can help? The German word ‘Schenkelklopfer’ describes both a corny joke and some person with a corny sense of humour. The literal translation would be ‘knee slapper’, because such a person will slap his knee while laughing loudly (and annoyingly) over the silliest things. So, something between a jokester and a trickster, I guess. If someone could come up with a fitting name for this $ยง%& guy, I’d be most obliged.


  1. Mae the mouse

    I hope you get better soon! My mother suggested a few names for your caseworker such as: Giddy, Bubblehead, or Idiot. ^_^

  2. Stiv

    Sorry to hear about your problems. Hope all gets better. Why don’t you just call him, Schenkelklopfer. Or Scheeklopfer.

  3. Holly Lushbaugh

    Honestly, the first word that comes to my mind is Schadenfreude, which completely misses the point, I know. Other than that, a hackneyed idiot sounds about right.

  4. Angelus

    Hope you’ll get better soon.
    The name that comes up in my mind when looking at this guy grining is Loki, he looks like a modern version of the old norse god.

  5. Ytak

    You have me scouring synonyms for corny jokes and knee slapper. I don’t know if English has something that means the same thing. Nothing comes to mind. But if you wanted to give him a punny name, that might get the same idea across.
    And at the risk of giving you info overload, I direct you to TV Tropes (which has long switched from covering just TV). You might find something that helps you there. :D

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