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Chapter 7 Strip 31
December 14th, 2010

Chapter 7 Strip 31

In case you wondered, we already know this guy.


  1. Holly

    Ahhh, so different people perceive fate differently? Explains why it was a stock exchange before.

  2. Zac Schneider

    So…. the two known perceptions of Fate are a casino and a stock exchange. The former implies that what is fated to happen is blind luck. The latter suggests that a vast amount of tiny external forces shift their weight upon a given situation and that though a smart enough person could grasp enough of a logical pattern to reliably foresee what is fated for them, most people would still perceive it as sheer blind luck. Thus, the fate of even a single person much less all of causality is nigh-impossible to predict, and you may as well rely on the luck of the moment.

    Pretty much how I THOUGHT the universe was run anyhow.

    Fun fact: If you could somehow know everything that was happening in the universe at a single moment, including what people were thinking, you theoretically would be able to precisely predict your own personal future for quite a long while, as long as you do not let this prediction change ANYTHING. If you do, then you’re in the dark about the future again. Just thought that was a semi-appropriate thing, as it pretty much describes how a stock exchange works. If you knew what was happening with every factor that might affect a given stock at a single moment in time, you could with pinpoint accuracy choose whether or not to invest. Since almost no one can do that, we choose what looks good at the time. Just like we do with most thing, hence it’s relevance to fate.

    Sorry, I tend to think like this late at night. It’s a bad habit. :)

  3. Nina

    You both nail it to the spot. :-)

  4. shadowDante100

    Zac Schneider O-O; you nailed my perception of Fate to a T…. wow… -meanders to the kitchen, sits down, eats ice cream, and contemplaces Life the Universe and Everything.

  5. Anonymous

    my own perception of Fate would be like the entire scenario consists of god-like beings playing on a board game (e.g. chess, monopoly,etc.) where a dice is rolled to advance each players` steps. XD

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