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Chapter 6 Strip 43
March 16th, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 43


  1. Tifa, the Strange

    I bet it’s her dad o-o
    Just guessing here.

  2. owh

    Translation recommendation: proper English should be “ANY minute”, rather than “EVERY minute”.

    Other than that, wonderful stories (both parts, I and II), very nice (and funny) drawings, so keep up the good work!

  3. Ladyfox

    This is getting better

  4. Sam

    if you want a peek at the next few parts, you can view the original drawings on the german website. It might help if you can speek German though…. ^_^

  5. Holly

    I dunno, she’s explaining some pretty complex and abstract concepts within the next few strips, so it might be preferable to wait if you’re not fluent.

  6. Linus

    I bet now she’s some kind of family banshee, he must be someone related to her (her dad, like Tifa mentioned above?)…otherwise I wouldn’t know how to explain how on earth she’s still alive and well outside the vortex…

  7. L. 'rubio

    Unless his “next assignment” that he had been sent to had taken place previously – meaning he had time traveled backwards (or perhaps forward, considering where he had picked her up when she had the plague), it cannot be her father as her father had died in Death and the Maiden, Part I, and was even seen visiting her father’s grave at the beginning of DatM II.

  8. Nina

    Typo. Thanks.

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