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Chapter 6 Strip 42
March 9th, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 42


  1. Tifa, the Strange

    I thought something bad was gonna happen, THEY ARE ALIVE!!!! XD

  2. Iffin

    I thought something bad was going to happen too. xD I wonder who they’re looking at, though…

  3. Snate

    I know you have a life and work and everything and I don’t actually want you to sacrifice yourself to do this but I still wish this updated more than once a week again.
    Oh well, I love your comic and look forward to the future ones.

  4. ??? ????

    I think, they met Little Death! :D

  5. Ladyfox

    Yeah, I just want to know what he did to her. It looks like he made her a Death person too, and my money is on the appoint being a family member of hers

  6. Nina

    @ Snate: I don’t really have a life, I mostly have work. And it’s taking most of my time, so there’s simply no way.
    On the contrary, as soon as chapter 6 is finished, there’ll be a break of several weeks. I need to catch up on the storyboard and drawing. The German readers have to endure it for over 2 weeks now. Sorry, but my days have only 24 hours, 12 of them I spend with my daytime-job. That leaves me only week-ends for drawing.

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