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Chapter 6 Strip 40
February 23rd, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 40


  1. Tifa, the Strange

    SHE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

  2. Snate

    Hmm, I wonder if that pause between “merely” and “being healed” means he’s not being entirely truthful.

    If it was that simple why didn’t he do that in the first place.

  3. Muhchan

    So she’s the reaper now and he’s merly a ghost… how very interesting!

  4. eM

    Is she a servent now?

  5. Sean

    Oh, no ewok. B7)

    Well, our friend Death is already established as being a powerful magician, is it not?

  6. Nessanar

    Hmmm… I’m with eM on this. The white robe just screams “servant” to me (even though the others didn’t have the hoods).

    After all, if she could go back to living a normal life after something like this, Death would have done it first without the angsting, right?

  7. MagusLucius

    I like how he called her Mercy, but I think it’s more than just a pet name. It makes the white robes appropriate.

  8. Zac Schneider

    Let me guess…. she is a banshee now?

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