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Chapter 6 Strip 39
February 16th, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 39


  1. kryvian

    now this is getting interesting.

  2. ?????

    Predictable. But I love it any way.
    [I am happy and impatiently wait for next strip]

  3. Nina

    Well, nothing is as easy as predicting rain, when dark clouds are already covering the sky. If you can tell me how the story will go on and what the final result will be, then I salute you.

    Besides, it’s only logical that parts of the plot are to be foreseen, the further the story develops. I for example knew since book 3 of the Potter-saga that Snape had been in love with Harry’s mother. Yet I couldn’t foresee the rest of the story.

  4. Linus

    Good, so now she’s a reaper…and, most importantly, we’ll see death’s abs! (or at least the physical, naked appearence he chooses…or can’t he, now?) :)

  5. Sean

    Oh no, she’s going to turn into an Ewok! Death’s new cry will be lub-chub?

    Seriously, though, this is an engrossing plot indeed.

  6. Jen

    Oh. You’ve turned my life into an endless looking forward to next Tuesday. How many parts of the story are you planning to do?

  7. Ingemar

    I do not find it predictable at all. An option, maybe, but not the easiest path. And the following sequence, as far as it is available, is such a great script, full of conflicts in the abstract and still well modelled world of death and faith. Very impressive! It is hard to imagine where the story will go once she is changed this way. Does this make her a banshee? Maybe not. But with her being some kind of Death herself, what will happen to Death, and the banshees?

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