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Chapter 6 Strip 37
February 2nd, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 37


  1. Linus

    She’s obviously right, but right now I’d only want to hug poor little heartbroken death… :’(

  2. Mae

    I think I’m gonna cry… Two star crossed lovers, why does one always have to suffer?! *sniff* :(

  3. Holly

    Nice touch with the background colors changing with his state of mind.

  4. Nina

    @ Holly: Well spotted! Indeed, the colours and the shapes of the background are changing with the emotion of the one that upholds the vortex. ;-)

  5. H.a.S.

    such a sad part of the story T.T

  6. eSemmel

    Oy vey, this is torture. (With an “e” ;) )

  7. Nina

    @ eSemmel: Yeah, only in this case, it’s because she’s interrupted by her cough. I would change it… but there’s not really much space in the bubble.

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