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Chapter 6 Strip 34
January 12th, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 34


  1. shade

    But Time was with the short hair too, wasn’t he?? Or it’s again jokes with space-time continuum and this Time came with Little D. and short-haird Time came with Death? I didn’t get it…

  2. ??? ????

    But who else? Here is Death, little Death and Plague. I suppose, that guy isn’t War or Hunger. Other anthropomorphous personifications haven’t mentioned in this comic yet. May be, he is one of somebody’s servants, but I doubt it.

  3. eM

    Time had been changing forms all the time. Remember they all can do it, but most of them don’t.

  4. shade

    Yes, but just a moment ago he was with another appearance and I don’t understand why :)

  5. Tifa, the Strange

    The little broken heart makes me go “awwwwww” XD

  6. Korppi

    Soo… did Pestilence have a crush on Death?

  7. Nina

    Yes, an unrequited one. Since Death never realized Pestilence’s feelings toward him.

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