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Chapter 6 Strip 33
January 5th, 2010

Chapter 6 Strip 33


  1. ?????

    I begin to love Tuesdays!
    But, I am afraid, curiosity kill me before next Tuesday….

  2. eM

    I’m starting to like Time!

  3. ??? ????

    Er… Who is this long-haired guy?
    UPD: Oh, he’s Time. I did’t recognize him without glasses

  4. swagbagoloot

    Awww, now I have to wait for the next strip. :(

    I do have one question…how do the other commentors know that’s Time? I don’t remember him being named before. Was that in the print edition?

  5. Nina

    @ swagbaboloot: Have your read the first part of the comic? This would be essential to understand the whole plot. And there is also a scene, where the identity of the red haired guy is hinted at. Not fully explained, I admit, but most people can guess it anyway. :-)
    But yes, the printed version gives the full information. Unfortunately, it’s only available in German.

    Thank you for proofreading, btw. I’m always grateful for that.

  6. swagbagoloot

    Thanks for the explanation! It didn’t occur to me that short-red-hair-man and long-red-hair-man might be the same. I think I prefer his current guise. Mmmm, tight pants. :D

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