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Brief interruption

I know, there should be a new episode, instead, I just give you words. Well, not exactly, you do get to see some strips, although not really new ones.
The thing is, that starting last strip, the two ladies reappeared on the parking lot they had left a few hours (or aeons, regarding the fact that they were travelling through time and space) earlier. Since I knew I had to draw many cars for the following scene, and since I suck big time at drawing cars, I decided to make my life easier by not even attempting to sketch them free-handedly, but to use photos and just trace them.

“Just” and “easier” were the parts where I went totally wrong.

First of all, you have to search for A LOT of car-pictures, because you have to get one and the same model from different angles. Second, you have to compose a more or less credible perspective out of a handfull of different cars. Third, you have to try and make it not look too much like a traced photograph. And last but not least, you have to go back to the old cars you actually drew all by yourself (and which now suck even more, compared to the traced ones) and correct them. That means, you’re spending many hours of hard work just refurbishing your old stuff.

The reason I’m writing you all this is to hopefully make you understand why there’s no real update on the story today. I spent so many days on those darn cars that the pace of the original German version of this comic got significantly slowed down, compared to the regular 2-strips-a-week of the English verison. So, in oder to help me catch up a little, today I’ll only present you the new old strips. Horrible cars have been replaced by better ones that more or less fit the perspective. It all starts here and includes the following 3 strips.


  1. Steven

    Thank you for telling about your problems with tracing cars. I’m an amateur cartoonist and recently I had the same problems with my strip. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

  2. Nina

    I can assure you, even pros have weaknesses. Of course there’s those who seem to be able to draw anything, I congratulate those artists for their talent, but in the end, it’s not really so much the perfect art but the spirit that keeps a cartoon alive. :-)

  3. Linus

    I’ve had a re-look at them…and I might not know wether the perspective is right, but I think they look damn good! :)
    It’s a great comic :)

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