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Chapter 5 Strip 22
April 28th, 2009

Chapter 5 Strip 22


  1. Ingemar

    Again… please try moving her eyes down to eye level. You are such a terriffic cartoonist so this feels so unnecessary.

  2. Nina

    This is not a cartoon-on-demand. If you don’t like her eyes, that’s fine, every one is entitled to his opinion, but I won’t alter my drawings to the tastes of a single reader.
    Sorry for having to be so harsh, but you wouldn’t go to an author and tell him to re-write his book because you didn’t like a particular chapter, would you?

  3. Ingemar

    Altering old drawings is not the point. You spend the time better working on the new ones (which I look forward to). I only want to suggest a weak point, for possible consideration in future work. That was what I ment.

  4. Ingemar

    On second thought, please just delete all I said in the matter. I really didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Your cartoon is among the best cartoons made today, so by all means do it your way.

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