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Chapter 4 Strip 42
January 2nd, 2009

Chapter 4 Strip 42

If you don’t know what this is all about, you probably don’t remember what happened at the gas station in the first part of D&M. Currently, this section is not yet online (due to the relaunch of part 1), so just let me remind you: Death and the Maiden were desperatly trying to get rid of the dead police officer, nicknamed “Harry”. At one point, Death urged the Maiden to stuff Harry quickly back into the car, which at first seemed to be their car, but then turned out to be someone else’s.

The riddle is solved now. It actually WAS Mercedes’ Beetle, but one that had come from the future. Death therefore realized this early in the story, right in the middle of part 1, that the Maiden was going to travel through time, but he did not yet know how. That is the very reason, why he wasn’t much surprised when he realized that it was the gas station attendant who turned out as the marked person. Death had somehow guessed it, but could not be absolutely sure until it actually happened.

This storyline is a little complicated, I admit. If you have any questions concerning the time travel and the connection between Death, the geezer, Bonnie, Mercedes, Harry and the Beetle – just ask!


  1. Ingemar

    You sure plan ahead a lot. So that’s why Harry could go away in an identical car.

  2. swagbagoloot

    WOW. I did not see this coming. You are amazing. :D

  3. Bastet

    Um, english isn’t my first language either but I think it should be either ‘this is the proof that’ or ‘this proves that’. I’m having hard time believing everyone missed it throughout all these years this page spent online, on the other hand, perhaps everyone’s heads were spinning from The Revelation and they haven’t noticed. Oh, and The Revelation is awesome, by the way, I really like the way it’s complicated time-wise but clear to us becouse we followed both Death and Maiden on their respective ‘trips’ in chronological (to each of them) order.

  4. Bastet

    *’because’, of course. Typo :)

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