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Welcome 2!

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Welcome to the relaunch of my comic Death and the Maiden 2!

The relaunch was made in order to transfer the comic into a weblog. For readers of part 2, there will be hardly any changes, other than the updates will be as regular as possible. Meaning, as long as I continue drawing the German version, the English updates will come every Tuesday and Friday. The only possibility for me to miss an update now is if I fall sick or die and therefore am no longer able to draw.

If you want to get informed about part 2, please subscribe to the RSS feeds of this blog.

For your information: Also part 1 has been relaunched. This means that the whole story will be re-published until the end of 2009, which is why it is no longer fully accessible for reading, but will be updated with one strip per day. The reason behind this is that I hope to attract more and new readers. Please be patient, in less than a year you’ll be able to re-read the whole story of part 1.

The background informations that have been displayed on seperate pages until now, are now packed into the referenced blogposts, so the information connects much more easily with the story.

Since the whole Death & Maiden section has once been part of my website Cartoon Tomb and there are a few pages that have not been transferred to the blog yet, you can still find them in their old place, along with the old layout. You’ll find the links to those pages in the right side-bar under “Misc”. Be warned that you will leave the blog by clicking there – not that anything spectacular happens then, but the layout slightly changes along with the linkbar. Don’t worry though, you can’t get lost.

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