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Chapter 3 Strip 25
June 17th, 2008

Chapter 3 Strip 25

Here we have a most essential statement which I would like you to think about.

Usually, Death is being associated with cemetaries, morgues and other places where dead bodies can be found, and which in my opinion is one of the biggest errors in human reasoning ever. What on Earth should Death have to do with dead bodies? He’s already reaped them, they’re closed cases for him. He’s interested in taking lives, not fussing with the results (or rather, the remains) of his work.

I’ve been working at the Forensic Institute in Vienna for several months, and I can assure you, there is no place you can find Death less than at such places. It may be creepy and sometimes even disgusting, yes. But where’s no presence of life, there’s no business for Death, I say.

You may ask me now how I would “sense” the presence of Death. Well, I’ve spent most of my life contemplating about the phenomenon of death, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing and drawing an endless story about it, would I? I can assure you, one can sense Death. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself, not by visiting a morgue but rather a hospice, and you’ll understand. But let me warn you ahead, the experience might be rather depressing for a common mortal.


  1. Zac Schneider

    Makes sense. The only reason we are afraid of corpses is that they remind us of Death, not because they’re going to kill us. Although recently deceased corpses are also a warning something dangerous is nearby, so yeah. But in a cemetery, no.

  2. abby

    I like your resoning, its very logical. The thing that creeps me out about dead bodies is the thought that they might return as the living dead and devour me (i watched far to many horror movies when i was young).

  3. Nina

    I think it was Jim Steinman who once said:

    “I’m not afraid of the undead, I’m afraid of the un-living.”

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