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Chapter 2 Strip 38
March 11th, 2008

Chapter 2 Strip 38

Speaking of gags that should not be taken too seriously: here’s another one. In case you don’t recognize the gentlemen, it’s the Men in Black as we know them from the movie with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. The movie is actually based on a comic book (Marvel) by Lowell Cunningham, but I have to admit that I’ve never read it.

So, why am I quoting this particular movie? Well, Death and Li’l D are questioning a person outside the picture frame, without giving this person a clue who they are – the idea of having them appear as secret agents was therefore obvious. One of the main plot elements of MiB is the erasing of memories. In order to do that, the agents put on dark shades, one of them takes a pencil-shaped object out of his pocket and asks the by-standers to take a look at it. That’s what I wanted to persiflage, by having Death (in the shape of Tommy Lee Jones) taking his shades off and asking the interviewed person to look into his eyes. The stick-like object he’s pulling out of his jacket is nothing less than his multi-purpose scythe.

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  1. Zac Schneider

    Absolutely love the Men in Black reference here.

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