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Prologue 1
March 9th, 2007

Prologue 1

Hello and welcome to the relaunch of Death and Maiden, part 2.

If you’re familiar with the storyline, i.e. if you’ve read all along part 1 and the first half of part 2, you don’t need to worry of having to start all over again – just jump ahead to the current episode.
If you’re through with part 1 but still have to catch up on everything concerning its sequel, you’re at the right place – just start reading here!
If you don’t know what this is all about and never even heard of Death & Maiden, you might want to check out the beginning of the story and get daily updates until the end of the year 2009. If you’re still interested then, you can come back here again and continue reading!


  1. Elijah

    Sorry for being a picky perfectionist, but it is spelt “of” instead of “auf”. “relaunch OF Death and the Maiden”

    Feel free to delete this comment if you’ve changed it.

  2. Nina

    Thanks. I take it that you know what “auf” means? It’s the same word in German. So, ich have switched accidentally between the languages. ;-)

  3. Death and the Maiden

    [...] [...]

  4. Lidia

    Is there a second part of the comic book in Russian?

  5. Nina

    No, because between Part 1 and Part 2, the rights went over to the publisher of the German version. The first part was translated on a private basis.

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