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Chapter 8 Strip 5
May 7th, 2013

Chapter 8 Strip 5

Another interruption due to house-hunting

Too bad for you, but I’m really happy that I finally found a new job and therefore am rather busy searching for some inhabitable space in Heidelberg, where I will start working in June. :-)

I can’t tell yet when I’ll be calm and settled enough to concentrate on drawing again, but as soon as that moment arises, I will continue.


Since some of you asked about my health status: It’s stable right now, and at the moment I’m rather enjoying working on the comic. But I won’t make the same mistake again and force myself sticking to a fixed schedule. I draw whenever I feel like it, which means that the weekly update is not something you can rely on until the story is finished.

The other thing is that I’m looking for a job at the moment and planning to move to Germany. I’ll go whereever I find employment, and as soon as this happens, I won’t have a lot of time for drawing, at least until I have settled in the new habitat and the new job.

So. For now, everything is good. As soon as I get a job, everything will get better, albeit a bit bumpy on the drawing side. ;-)

Waaay too silent for too long…

I have to apologize for my continuous absence. It’s just that this year was not really an easy one for me. I had two surgeries (my spinal disc and my gall bladder), I had several deaths in my family and I had huge issues with myself and the way my life went (mostly downhill). The good news is: It’s getting upwards again. I’ve quit my job and will probably move to Germany within the next few months (depending on whether and where I find a new job). The bad news is, due to all those calamities, I’ve completely lost any access to my art.
The current state is: there’s no continuation of the story at the time being. A few months ago, I even announced the end of it all. Right now, I’m starting to build up a new life and there might be a chance that I actually will finish it. Someday. When everything feels good again. I can’t tell you yet when that moment might come, but I’m working on it to be very soon!
In the meanwhile: Thank you all for your patience and your kind words. I’ll keep you posted of any new developments.

Back issues continue

Sad news: I have to quit drawing for good, at least for the time being. My back is getting worse and I’m on the verge of surgery by now. If there’s anything I don’t want it’s a nucleotomy. I’m currently trying other options, but either way, I can’t sit straight right now. And that means: No drawing. Sorry to say. I don’t know what will come, but right now, I must admit that I’m only concerned in getting rid of the pain and NOT ending up paralysed.
If anything new arises, I will post it here, but don’t expect anything soon.

Fate strikes again

Sorry for the renewed lack of updates. I had to step back from drawing for a while, since not only my back aches, but my cat is sick again. I just need a break from deadlines for a few weeks, since Fate seems to have it in for me right now.
The comic is not cancelled, just put on hold until further notice. Sorry for that. Blame the guy above for it.